Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So, certain people have been telling me for a while that I should write a blog, whether it be for my recipes, my general comments on food, whatever. I've been struggling for a hook to hang it on though. I don't cook all my meals for one person (though I do sometimes), I don't stick to a particular region, I don't specialize in any particular dietary requirements, nothing. Then I decided that there were two unifying elements that I was missing, both painfully simple. First of them, is me. My writing involves MY experiences. Whether I'm cooking, eating, canning, whatever. The second unifying element is, of course, the food itself. Hence, Joel's Food is born. This blog is here to try to share my experiences in restaurants, grocery stores, farmer's markets, and the obvious place, my kitchen. I hope that at one time or another, I can introduce everyone who happens onto this page to a new recipe, a new regional cuisine, a new ingredient or a new restaurant.

Be warned though, while I cook a lot of healthy food, this blog can definitely be damaging to your diet. Particularly with my interest in baking and creating new cookie recipes.


  1. Very nice blog. The photos are good too. You need a pic of those chocolate coffee overdose cookies. ;-)

    - Honeybee

  2. Thanks Honeybee. Heh, another friend already complained that I only have a picture of the ingredients on that one, but not a picture of the actual cookies